Israeli (mud) coffee guide

2 preparation methods for the classic black coffee that we all love so much

Israeli Black "Mud" Style Coffee

1. Grind 10 grams of very finely ground coffee and heat 150 ml of water
2. Moisten the coffee, wait 10 seconds and fill the cup with non-boiling water (up to 95 degrees)
3. Wait a minute, mix well, let cool a bit, pour and drink.

cooking pot (pinjan)

1. Fill a cooking pot with water and heat it on the stove until there is steam on top (about 60 degrees)
2. Put coffee in a ratio of 10 grams to 120 ml of water. Let it cook, as soon as foam starts to come out, lower the heat and wait until it starts to bubble.
3. As soon as the coffee is ready, remove from the heat, pour into glasses and drink.

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