about us

We drink coffee like others drink wine and also get drunk from it. We are driven by an uncompromising passion for coffee which is much more than a drink, it is the elixir of life, it brings people together. Tal Bodenstein founded the Kofi Organization nearly three decades ago. A fateful meeting with an Italian coffee coke led him to change his destiny in life. Tal traveled the world to farms, met farmers and introduced the concepts of organic and direct trade.

Coffee Organization conducts itself with stability and social and business fairness in the field of importing, roasting and distributing quality organic coffee. Our coffee is 100% organic, 100% Arabica. We were the first in Israel to develop the concept of extremely friendly and high-quality coffee and we are the leading company in importing organic coffee specialty trade fair and grown-shade. Everyone knows that in order to do something in the best way, it is important to love what you do, and believe in it. Coffee Organization comes from a great love for coffee. We set out on a long journey to get to know coffee in the world, we focused on the roasting process, getting to know the different varieties and adapting the flavors to the consumer. We realized that there is no substitute for quality, freshness and natural ingredients, and on these foundations we built Kofi Organization , this is probably the explanation for the taste of morganic coffee, coffee
Gourmet full of rich chocolatey blessings. Our way of doing business guarantees that the lands of the farmers, who produce our fine coffee, will be preserved for generations. In this way we create a future of better coffee. The organic coffee has a unique way of cultivation and treatment. It is grown in the shade of mountains and heights, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers to guarantee it a natural, pure and extremely high quality and perfect pleasure for the customer. The principles of fair and direct trade are: fair prices and terms of employment for growers, direct trade (without mediation), community development and a natural environment for future generations.

The roasting house

In the 90's we started the process of brewing our first coffee blends, based on 80 years of knowledge of the marisca family from southern Naples. We arrived at a small, dim street in the market area of ​​Naples and searched for the family and the legend. There, in the basement with an ancient oven for roasting coffee, coffee was brewed using old olive and oak trees. The taste and aroma of the wonderful coffee we drank there will remain in our memories forever. In Naples we understood that love, tradition and experience are the right basis for roasting a quality blend. When we returned to Israel, we started buying organic coffee and importing the best raw materials in the world. We concocted hundreds of blends based on dozens of carefully selected different coffee varieties and established the Coffee Organization roasting house. Our roasting is artisanal and extremely slow and is done by our coffee expert who gets up every morning and approaches the craft of roasting with infinite love. Each roast receives great attention and is accompanied by full human control. The slow roasting allows each strain to go through the process it needs in order to reach maximum flavor extraction. In this way, the evaporation of the oils, minerals and sugars from the coffee beans is reduced and a mixture rich in flavors is obtained.

Jobs had Wozniak, Edmund Hillary had Vetansing Norgay and Tal Bodenstein has Boris Iskov - the mad scientist of the Coffey Organization, 'crazy to talk'. The combination of the two led to unique blends and innovative roasting methods. Kofi Organization brought the gospel of the special Kofi to Israel.