French press guide

A classic brewing method that produces a hot drink with low clarity

how to make?

1. Heat water to 95C , and at the same time grind coffee as coarse as possible (60g Coffee/Litre of water)
2. Pour the coffee into the vessel and moisten the coffee with the water we boiled and let it stand for 30 seconds
3. Fill the vessel with the boiling water to the end and let it stand for another half minute
4. After 4 minutes break the crust formed of ground coffee, allow to settle
5. Let the coffee stand for 2 more minutes to settle, plunge gently as not to upset the ground coffee at the bottom.
6. Take a glass, pour from the vessel and drink.


60 גרם טחון גס על 1 ליטר


להשתמש בקפה חד זני קלייה בהירה

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