Cold Brew Guide

A method for brewing coffee that does not involve boiling water, which creates deeper flavors

how to make?

1. Grind coffee as coarse as possible and pour the coffee into the filter (For a liter of water 130g of coffee)
2. Pour lukewarm water over the filter into the vessel up to the mark (Around 1.2 Litres)
3. Stir the coffee in the filter to ensure even wetting
4. Let the coffee stand for up to 24 hours (it is possible to keep it refrigerated)
5. Take out the filter, shake and wash
6. Take a glass, pour from the vessel and you can add two ice cubes and drink.


100 גרם טחון גס על 1 ליטר


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קולד ברו מרוכז בקפאין
תמיד נמליץ למהול במעט חלב / קרח
או לשתות מעט אם שותים as is

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Chocolate Cream

Chocolate Cream
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Dark chocolate, toasted almonds and a mineral red wine body