siphon guide

A method that works on pressure differences between two hermetically closed vessels, boiling water from the lower vessel absorbs the coffee in the upper vessel and returns to the lower vessel and in the end very delicate flavors are obtained

how to make?

1. Grind up to 25 grams of very finely ground coffee.
2. Separate the two vessels and fill the lower vessel (pitcher) with boiling water, making sure that the spring and the filter are held in the tubes. (verify this by pulling the spring)
3. Light the wick, place it under the bottom chamber with the water.
4. Make sure the top part (the hood) is well closed.
5. Wait for the water in the pitcher to boil and be pumped into the percolator. After the water has filled the top, wait about 3 more minutes until the water almost begins to boil in the upper chamber
6. Add the finely ground coffee and stir thoroughly for 20 seconds.

7. Extinguish the flame and allow the vacuum to pull the extracted coffee through the filter
8. Take a glass, pour from the pitcher and drink.


23.5 גרם קפה טחון דק על 400 מ״ל מים

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