Coffee Organization Studio

Mikve Israel 3, Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 18:00 -10:00 | Friday 15:00 -10:00

A studio for innovation in the field of coffee is real news for coffee lovers wherever they are. The studio is designed in an urban, minimalist manner, in the center of which is a cast knight's table, and on it are various facilities for roasting and brewing coffee using different methods. Visitors to the studio are invited to experience coffee in an intimate and unmediated way because it offers precedent coffee services, such as custom coffee roasting for the customer, this is done by interviewing the coke in the studio. Tables and coffee tasting routes, which will take you on a tour through plantations. Lectures and workshops will change every month. The coffee is presented on its varieties and the processes it goes through in different stages. The studio can host ten people for an unmediated and unforgettable coffee tasting experience by reserving a chair in advance, please.

It is surprising to find out how much you can find out about coffee without limits and how wide the canvas is. For you, the people who love coffee, understand coffee, and/or want to deepen the knowledge and the intensity of the enjoyment of coffee, the studio is waiting for you, and the coffee is already on the fire.

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Dizengoff 232 Tel Aviv-Yafo

Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday 22:00 -07:00 | Friday 16:00 -07:00
Saturday 17:00 -08:00

This branch is a distillation of LaBait's concept. This is a functional branch that covers a very small area and is reminiscent of the coffee stands in classical Europe and the espresso bars in Italy in particular. Specializes in the worlds of super food from Maki Breeze to organic acai and hemp oils (cannabis). We founded Labait Dizengoff in order to provide our customers in the northern part of the city with the coffee experience and the organic break that we offer.
Despite its size, we feel that it provides the full experience of the Labite brand to our customers.

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Cafe Barzilay

1 Barzilai, corner of Mikve Israel 12 Tel Aviv-Yafo

Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday 21:00 -07:00 | Friday 16:00 -07:00
Saturday 21:00 -08:00

Our pioneering branch in every way. Opened in 2001 in the infamous Gan-Hashmel area at the time. The owner Tal Bodenstein recognized the inherent potential in the area, and together with fashion designers who began to come to the area, founded the Gan-Electrik collective and even served as the director of the association. The Gan HaHashmel collective brought together dozens of designers, shop owners, vacuum cleaners and more. Their one goal was:
Improving the problematic image of the area, and turning it into the leading fashion district in Tel Aviv. A few years later it can be said that their shared vision was realized, with the garden becoming a center of attraction for hundreds of fashion shoppers and coffee consumers.

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Yom Tov 20 Tel Aviv-Yafo

Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday 08:00 - 18:00 | Friday 07:00 - 17:00 | Saturday 09:00 - 16:00

Our young branch that we established in Kerem Hatimen at 20 Yom Tov Street. Offers the highest quality coffee with a menu of drinks from the spices of the market alongside special Hila Alpert sandwiches.

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