coffee organization studio

בוא ניקח את הקפה צעד אחד קדימה

Innovation in the field of coffee that provides experiences and coffee tastings, selling and roasting digital and personal coffee with a combination of workshops and lectures around our table.

ברוכים הבאים למעבדת הקפה שלנו


Put together your own basket from the variety of products we have, from coffee by weight through cups and coffee machines to bags and accessories.

Personal coffee roasting

The taste of coffee is influenced by many factors - the type of coffee tree, the growing region, growing conditions, processing methods and more. But one of the important components that affect the taste of the coffee we drink, is the coffee roasting process.
In the workshop you can learn about the coffee roasting process, how it starts, what are its changes during the roasting process, one step after another and most importantly - why do we roast coffee?

Come together with the coffee master, who will match you with the unique coffee for you, to light a bag of coffee to take home with you

Monday -Thursday 16:00-17:00

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