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Take a look at the variety of personal and group coffee experiences we offer at the studio


A coffee experience route, where we will taste 4-5 different types of coffee brews from the most specialty varieties in the world

Monday-Thursday 11:00, 14:00
Friday 11:00, 13:00

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מסלול טעימות ייחודי שמשלב קפה ואלכוהול

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Personal roasting workshop

Our roaster coffee will match you with the unique coffee for you and will brew it together with you

Monday-Thursday 16:00-17:00

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Barista Basics

A workshop for coffee people at the beginning of their journey. Learning about correct espresso brewing, milk frothing and the connection between them.
In the workshop we are going to have a preliminary discussion about what coffee is, we will go through preliminary practice and skilled practice on how to make it as easy as possible.

28.07, 13:00-15:00
250 shekels per person

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לאטה ארט

סדנה ללמידת הקצפת ואומנות בחלב ותחליפיו.

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The history of coffee and cupping

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