Kruve EQ Glass Set
Kruve EQ Glass Set
Kruve EQ Glass Set
Kruve EQ Glass Set

Kruve EQ Glass Set

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The cups are insulated glassware scientifically designed to enhance or soften certain flavor notes and put you in control of your sensory experience.

Set of 2 drinking glasses

Comes in two different cup shapes, both of which hold 150 ml


How to make matcha at home?

1. Fill 30 ml of water into the bowl (preferably not boiling - the colder the water, the longer you need to stir)
2. Put 2.5 grams of matcha powder in the bowl, stir using the designated stirrer until a uniform texture is obtained
3. Whip 210 ml of milk or milk substitute using a steamer or manual whisk, fill the 2 components (matcha and the whipped milk) into the glass - minimum 240 ml
4. If you want cold matcha, the proportions remain the same, add ice as needed and drink.

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How to make cold brew at home

1. Grind coffee as coarse as possible and pour the coffee into the filter
2. Pour lukewarm water over the filter into the vessel up to the mark
3. Close the lid and gently shake the vessel until the water takes on a uniform color
4. Let the coffee stand for up to 24 hours (it is possible to keep it refrigerated)
5. Take out the filter, shake and wash
6. Take a glass, pour from the vessel and you can add two ice cubes and drink.

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