Classic blends כל המוצרים מבצעים

The classic blends of Coffee Organization, which include house blends of our coffee shops, are varied with special flavors that create good quality coffee
3 popular blends
100% טבעי
100% ערביקה

3 popular blends

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The house blend, velvety balanced and bitter with the flavors of fine chocolate. A combination of a variety of varieties from organic Arabica beans from selected coffee plantations around the world. Coffee that is suitable as a morning cappuccino / rich espresso at any time of the day.

100% טבעי
100% ערביקה
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How to make cold brew at home

1. Grind coffee as coarse as possible and pour the coffee into the filter
2. Pour lukewarm water over the filter into the vessel up to the mark
3. Close the lid and gently shake the vessel until the water takes on a uniform color
4. Let the coffee stand for up to 24 hours (it is possible to keep it refrigerated)
5. Take out the filter, shake and wash
6. Take a glass, pour from the vessel and you can add two ice cubes and drink.

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Coffee in Macintah

1. Unscrew the bottom filter and fill with medium fine ground coffee without compressing
2. Under the strainer, in the lower part, fill water up to the marked line
3. Screw all the parts in order tightly and heat on a stove on high heat
4. As soon as you get the first drop of coffee from the tube, lower the heat.
5. When the drink has stopped pouring, remove from the heat, pour into a glass and drink.

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